Our Farm

We Have One Goal

To Provide The Highest Quality
Organic Products and Services.

Established in 2010, Indies Greens is a locally owned and operated organic farm. Larry, Marjorie and Damon Francis have harnessed the power of a natural ecosystem that combines traditional aquaculture with hydroponics in the ultimate symbiotic system. The technology-based farming uses a natural interaction between fish and plants. The fish are fed, and their excreta acts as fertilizer for the crops. Fish food is the only additive.

We raises Nile Tilapia brood stock where home and commercial customers can purchase fresh unscaled, scaled and seasoned fish in ½ to 2lb weights. In a simultaneous farming effort, lettuce, chives, mint, cilantro, pak choi, basil, kale, thyme, spinach, shado beni are amongst a growing list of salad greens and herbs that are grown fed by the nutrient-laden water from the fish tanks. Indies Greens advocate that plants grown by this method mature sooner, and have superior flavour to those grown in soil-based farming. These plants are truly organically grown, as no chemical fertilizers, hormones or pesticides are used in their growing methods.

In The Beginning


Our Educational Tours

We offer affordable and exciting hands-on educational tours
for all ages and groups where our friendly staff will
energize you with the secrets and new discoveries of aquaponic farming. At Indies Greens, outdoor learning is guaranteed to be lots FUN.

Our Fish Fry

Come and enjoy our weekly fish fry that is hosted on Friday’s and Saturday’s. Try our Grab and Go special, Half Portion – 2.5Lbs – $50, Full Portion – 5Lbs – $100, Johnny Cake – $10 per dozen. You also have the option of ordering a $20 meal special which includes fried or steam fish, 2 johnny cakes or a portion of fries and garden salad.